First Superman Comic Sells for $1 Million


February 23, 2010

NEW YORK — A 1938 copy of the first comic featuring Superman has sold for a record-smashing one million dollars in New York.

"It's the Holy Grail of comic books," auctioneers' founder Stephen Fishler said.

The record price was reached Monday, easily breaking a 317,200 dollar record set last year when sold another, less well preserved copy of the same first issue of Action Comics.

The mark-up on the original news stand price of 10 cents is one that even a superhero might have trouble arranging.

But the unnamed seller didn't too badly either: he'd bought the comic for 150,000 dollars at auction 15 years ago.

The comic's cover marked Superman's debut. Wearing his red cape, he is pictured hurling a green car past terrified onlookers.

"Before Action Comics number one there was no such thing as a superhero or a man who could fly," Fishler said.

About 100 copies of the first Action Comics issue remain but only one other is considered to be in as good condition as the one sold Monday.