Superman Check: Comments from Stan Lee


April 12, 2012


The Check that Bought Superman” is on the block in’s Spring Event Auction.

“The historic March 1, 1938 Detective Comics, Inc. check for $412 payable to "Siegel & Shuster" with a $130 line item for the ownership and rights to the character, Superman is up for grabs!” said Vincent Zurzolo, Chief Operating Officer. “This is a unique investment for a very passionate, insightful collector.” 

The COO was at the New York Comic Book Marketplace convention on Saturday, March 31, 2012 and had some time to catch up with living legend Stan Lee.

“I spoke with Stan Lee about the Superman Check. He was blown away and instantly recognized its historical significance. I mentioned to him that without that check being written he and I would not be standing together in the convention room that day,” Zurzolo said.

Lee replied, “You’re right, I’d be doing something respectable,” eliciting a chuckle from Zurzolo.

“What is it at currently in the auction?” Lee asked.

Zurzolo replied,”$36,000.”

“If that check sells for less than $100,000 it would be a steal,” Lee said. When asked if he could be quoted, “Stan The Man” said, “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t!”

As is being posted, the check is at $45,500. Is it headed up (up and away)? There are few safe bets in life, but this seems like it might be one.

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