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Thanks for the exceptional job you did auctioning my grandfather L.B. Cole's art collection. The prices realized were far more than my wildest expectations. The team blew me away with the amount of personalized attention, advertising and promotion they gave the event. They kept me informed every step of the way. When considering where and how to sell my collection I had considered a number of options and am very confident I made the right decision. Decades of experience, relationships with big spenders and a fantastic website made all the difference. I wholeheartedly recommend ComicConnect to anyone who wants to bring their collection to market and have every confidence they are the very best in the business.
I want to express my thanks to Vincent Zurzolo and the fine folks at Comic Connect. When I recently decided to sell part of my Silver Age Marvel collection, I spoke with numerous auction houses and private collectors. After giving all the offers serious consideration, I went with Comic Connect and have absolutely no regrets. Vincent and his people were upfront and honest about what I could expect to receive monetarily for the comic books and artwork. They did an amazing job of crafting an advertising program to maximize the sales potential of my material. And it's paid off! My entire collection was sold quickly and profitably. I've been receiving checks on an almost weekly basis. Vincent has followed up with me on numerous occasions, keeping me in the loop as to the progress of the sale. I couldn't be happier with the treatment I've received or the results of the purchase. I strongly recommend to anyone considering a sale of their comics to get in touch with Vincent Zurzolo and the good people at Comic Connect. They're a great bunch and you won't be disappointed.
I just wanted to follow up on my purchase from you and let you know how pleased I am with the books. I also have to let you know the packing was OUTSTANDING!!!! Having received my fair share of disappointments in the mail I'm very glad to say this is not one of them. Thanks so much! Excellent customer service!!!!
Yes, there were quite a few auction possibilities but I came to feel most comfortable with ComicConnect. One of the things that impressed me was their ability to promote and publicize their auctions. They auctioned a copy of Action 1 and I recall hearing about it on WBBM radio in Chicago which I thought was rather unique for a comic book auction. I’ve dealt with Stephen Fishler since 1986 and he impresses me as someone who enjoys comics, so it’s not just business. Their attention to detail for each auction listing was impeccable. My double cover collection reached prices that were well beyond my expectations and all for a very low and fair commission rate.
To anyone considering using "ComicConnect" to buy and sell comics, and cartoon art, I say....USE THEM! I was trying to sell a beloved piece of cartoon art, that was given to me as a gift, in the 70's. It was an original "Snoopy" picture-board, right off Charles' Schulz's desk. Well, after these past 5 years, trying to keep our small business alive, we needed some money, so, I decided to try and sell "Snoopy". I found Rob Reynolds, online, when I contacted the "ComicConnect" site. He wrote me back within hours, and our friendship began. Rob was kind, funny, and friendly, and understood my emotional attachment to this cartoon. He didn't make fun of me, and say anything like..."it's just another form of money so sell it"...nope...Rob guided me through the process, and gave me a hilarious password, so that I could check on Snoopy's sale, and never forget my password. The sale was over, and the top bidder did not meet my minimum, so Rob got in touch with the highest bidder....and the second highest bidder. The second highest bidder was a sweet lady named "Edna", and she just happened to be in charge of the Charles Schulz Museum, in California....home to all the original Snoopy art and mementos, (as well as to Charles, himself). Rob allowed me to choose to sell my piece to Snoopy could "go home". Normally, I'd bet that an auction house would veto my wishes and go for the highest price...but, Rob didn't do that, and I am incredibly grateful. In these days of business done on computers by nameless was beyond welcome, to have been treated with such kindness, humor, and care. I recommend ComicConnect to anybody that needs to sell comics and comic art. They also sell some really, neat, one of a kind pieces of art!
Since trading in nearly my entire collection of thousands of comics for an original piece of Avenger's cover art, as a ninth grade boy, I had one disillusioning experience after another with people who traded in comic books. Initially thrilled with that trade, I came to feel cheated when I met a young store employee who had been there that morning and recalled the event clearly. He told me how the owners derisively howled at my stupidity, upon my leaving. Though still thrilled with art, I could never again view it with the same untainted joy. Now, after forty-four subsequent years of having felt taken advantage, and even more recent attempts by dealers to convince me the piece was worth only $3,000, $15,000, or $18,000, I found a man I could trust in Vincent Zurzolo at ComicConnect, who with great care and expertise was able to deliver me a final price of $53,000 on my piece and, greater still, at last restored to me the joy and satisfaction of the boy, who had acquired the piece in the first place!
To ComicConnect staff --Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that hulk 1 arrived today and the book is beautiful. I love it:) thanks so much for making my first transaction with ComicConnect a pleasant experience. I appreciate how you helped answer all my questions and put my nerves at ease. I look forward to doing business with you again. Take care and have a great week.
I have been a collector of high grade Golden Age comic books for 20 years. Some of my best books have come from ComicConnect. When I decided to sell some of my 'treasures', I turned to ComicConnect. The prices they helped me realize were beyond my expectations.
I just wanted to write to you to thank the staff of ComicConnect for allowing me to get one of my bucket list comics for which I honestly never thought I'd be able to afford. I'm so happy with the time payment structure that was set up because it makes regular blue collar guys like me able to get the books they only dreamed of getting. Thank you so much.
I just would like to say thank you for selling my full FF collection and variant collection in the Monthly Auction on ComicConnect. I was very happy with the results. I would also like to thank you for taking the time on a Sunday morning in January to accept delivery of those comics. It would have been a hardship to deliver them any other time.
Hi, I just received my order from you. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the safe packaging on the art. It often amazes me how badly things are shipped and it is good to know I can depend on the higher standards from you.
ComicConnect is very professional and is a pleasure to do business with.
Thank you so much for making it so easy to find my husband's Father's Day gift! It's his first Father's Day and I wanted to get him something special. My husband is a huge comic book fan, so a vintage comic book seemed like the ideal gift. I wasn't, however, able to spend a lot of money. Your site fulfilled my need without breaking my budget. Also, I was expecting to have to wait three weeks to receive the comic; imagine my surprise when FedEx showed up this morning, just six days after placing my order (including the weekend). Thanks again! I will definitely use your site again and again.
I have been a client of ComicConnect and Metropolis Collectibles first as a collector for over 25 years and now as a seller. I have been more than satisfied with my business transactions as a collector and now as a seller. The staff is very friendly, courteous and always ready to answer your questions. Do I recommend ComicConnect? ABSOLUTELY !!!!
They treated me like family. Their incredible efforts in promoting my collection along with the fact that they don't charge a buyer's premium put a lot more money in my pocket. I met with other auction houses before making my decision and I am so glad I went with ComicConnect.
I'd just like to send a compliment your way. I recently won a bid for the production paste-ups covers for Justice League International #22 and Justice League Europe #17. Firstly the communication was fantastic, I received a prompt and friendly response to my query regarding the art, as well as regular updates on the shipping. The art was packaged in a way that kept it safe from being damaged, which is something that I really appreciate as I am all the way down in South Africa. So overall I had a wonderful experience and I just want to commend everyone for being so helpful and doing an excellent job!