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About ComicConnect


ComicConnect's mission is to offer vintage comic book, original art and memorabilia buyers and sellers an easy-to-use alternative to consignment websites, auction houses and "feeBay". Most importantly, ComicConnect offers you, the user, control over setting the prices you want to pay, and the prices you receive for the sale of your items. Paramount to all of this is the money ComicConnect puts back into your pocket. There are no exorbitant sellers' fees to take a cut out of what money the seller receives.

ComicConnect is, quite simply, a better model for buying and selling comics, where
the users of ComicConnect are the ones who benefit most.

ComicConnect provides state-of-the-art online technology and a reputable transaction environment backed by years of experience. The staff of ComicConnect is also always standing by to provide guidance to collectors and to answer whatever questions you might have about getting started buying and selling on ComicConnect.


  • ComicConnect is the world's premier online auctioneer of vintage comic books, original comic art and pop culture memorabilia. We are fully insured. Our premises are secure, safe and the collection will be treated professionally with great care and a five star approach.

  • Our team of graders has over 100 years of experience combined. We've graded hundreds of thousands of comics over the last 35 years! Both founders of ComicConnect, Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, are internationally recognized experts in comic book evaluation.

  • ComicConnect sells tens of millions of dollars worth of collectibles each year to top collectors and investors around the world. We also have 4 Guinness World Records for selling the most valuable comic!

  • ComicConnect can buy or take an entire collection on consignment. While we specialize in high end material we are experts at marketing less expensive items for top retail market prices.

  • ComicConnect will look at every way to maximize the value of your collection. From third party grading and certification, to restoration removal and pressing are explored for every item. Our appraisers leave no stone unturned in order to put the most amount of money in the seller's pocket.

  • Our advertising, promotion, sales and publicity departments are the best in the business. ComicConnect has done scores of TV interviews and received coverage on CNN, FOX, FOX Business, BBC, NBC, NY1, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS and even MTV and Saturday Night Live. We've been quoted on the home page of AOL, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, FOX and The Huffington Post. We’ve been quoted in periodicals like the NY Times, Time Magazine, USA Today, Forbes and Robb Report as industry leaders for years as well. Our e-newsletters, high-end full-color catalogs, national and international trade show presentations, direct mailings, press releases and good old fashioned phone calls help bring every potential buyer to bid on your items.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a consignor you can be confident that ComicConnect will achieve exceptional results for your quality consignments. If you are a buyer you know you can come to ComicConnect to find the best in vintage comics, original art and memorabilia to collect and invest in for fun and for your future.

To consign or just get some more information about consigning with ComicConnect please send us the list of your collection at, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999.



Determine the value of your collection based on desirability, scarcity and historical significance. We will appraise your comic books' retail value based on desirability, relative scarcity, and historical significance. The staff of ComicConnect are nationally recognized experts in comic book evaluation, and the company's founder is the creator of the 10 point numeric scale that is used industry-wide today. Email us at with your list of titles, issues, and front cover price today!


Thinking about selling your comics but don't know what they are worth? Tired of paying high prices to grading services and then waiting months to get your comics back? ComicConnect has the answer for you! Low cost, Quick Turnaround, Professional Grading! Click here to learn more.


ComicConnect has been representing estate sales for over 30 years. We understand the intricacy and delicate nature of an estate sale. We are comfortable and confident we will be able to work with family members, executors, attorneys and probate to realize all parties' goals. Whether you are looking to consign or sell individual items or entire estates we can accommodate your needs. No estate is too big or too small. Our professional and experienced team travels the world on a moment's notice to appraise, evaluate and discuss the details of your estate. If a direct sale is the goal we offer immediate payment. If you are looking to consign the estate we offer very low commission rates and very high cash advances. This means more money for you.  When an agreement has been reached, ComicConnect will professionally inventory, pack and ship the collection back to our showroom in New York City. Email today to get started!



Back in 2018 Vincent Zurzolo helped me have my Amazing Fantasy #15 graded by CGC, Vincent knew I had no intention of selling, but he made a point of brining that book with him on his trip to CGC, he treated the book like it was his own copy and came back with a respectable grade of 8.5, Vincent always kept in touch and when he came across great offers, he would reach out to me. Vincent was able to broker an enormous sum for the book recently, too good to pass on, payment was quick and a check was ready for pickup, wouldn't have anyone but ComicConnect sell my books, they recently sold more of my Silver Age key books at above market value, this is the place to sell your comics, period!


I have been a collector of high-grade Golden Age comic books for 20 years. Some of my best books have come from ComicConnect. When I decided to sell some of my 'treasures', I turned to ComicConnect. The prices they helped me realize were beyond my expectations.


Yes, there were quite a few auction possibilities, but I came to feel most comfortable with ComicConnect. One of the things that impressed me was their ability to promote and publicize their auctions. They auctioned a copy of Action 1 and I recall hearing about it on WBBM radio in Chicago which I thought was rather unique for a comic book auction. I’ve dealt with Stephen Fishler since 1986 and he impresses me as someone who enjoys comics, so it’s not just business. Their attention to detail for each auction listing was impeccable. My double cover collection reached prices that were well beyond my expectations and all for a very low and fair commission rate.


Thanks for the exceptional job you did auctioning my grandfather L.B. Cole's art collection. The prices realized were far more than my wildest expectations. The team blew me away with the amount of personalized attention, advertising and promotion they gave the event. They kept me informed every step of the way. When considering where and how to sell my collection I had considered a number of options and am very confident I made the right decision. Decades of experience, relationships with big spenders and a fantastic website made all the difference. I wholeheartedly recommend ComicConnect to anyone who wants to bring their collection to market and have every confidence they are the very best in the business.





Stephen Fishler
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Owner

Stephen Fishler has been a collector, buyer and seller of comic books for almost three decades. He created ComicConnect in response to the comic community's need for a true market where buyers and sellers can have complete control over the transactions they make. Stephen is also known for creating the 10 point grading scale used as the industry standard for evaluating comics, and for growing Metropolis Collectibles into the nation's largest dealership of vintage comic books. Considered to be one of leading experts on collectibles, Stephen has appeared on numerous television shows including Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show.


Vincent Zurzolo
President, Co-Founder & Owner

Vincent Zurzolo is one of the nation's leading comic book aficionados, and is also the host of the popular online radio show, Comic Zone Radio. Similarly to his business partner, Stephen, Vincent's daily interaction with comic buyers and sellers inspired him to help create ComicConnect. He feels the world is ready for a website where collectors can essentially transact on their own, but without the fees or encumberance of other venues. When not promoting ComicConnect, Vincent deals in his own comic inventory at Metropolis.


Micah Spivak
Original Art Coordinator & Buyer

Micah has been collecting original comic art for over 30 years. Before joining ComicConnect he worked with noted original art dealer Scott Eder for over a decade, getting his first taste of working in the retail side of the hobby. Micah studied cartooning at New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, giving him an additional insight into the creative process and appreciation for the small, often overlooked details in the drawings. Working at ComicConnect has allowed him the privilege of working directly with collectors, connecting them with artwork for their collections, as well as being able to see some of the best work comics has to offer. In addition to artwork Micah is also an avid collector of comic books and old record albums.

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