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We want your experience using ComicConnect to be smooth, easy and enjoyable. Listed below are some answers to popular help topics, and links to additional information on the site.

If you do not find the answers to the questions you have below, please feel free to send us an email at, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999.  We are eager to help you with any question you have about Buying or Selling on ComicConnect.


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How do I buy comics, original art, and other pop culture collectibles such as video games, toys and pulps on ComicConnect?

When is the next ComicConnect Auction?

  • Check out our auction schedule here.
  • Find out more about how to bid and what makes our auctions unique here.

How do I sell comics, original art, and other pop culture collectibles on ComicConnect?

Conventions: Visit Us to Buy, Sell and Consign at Upcoming Events!


Please also refer to our User Agreement for further information regarding membership, buying and selling on ComicConnect.



Buying on ComicConnect is easy! You can bid on auctions and win items. You can browse items sellers have listed for straight sale in our "Buy It Now" marketplace, and make offers on those items.  

When you purchase an item on ComicConnect, the seller packs the item securely and sends it directly to ComicConnect. After receiving your payment, ComicConnect reviews the item, and ships it directly to you!


On ComicConnect we have Event Auctions, Monthly Auctions and "Buy It Now" items.

We have three to four Event Auctions a year. These are our biggest auctions with some of our best items. Inbetween these bigger auctions we have our Monthly Auctions. These generally have our more affordable items. For information on the Auction process feel free to read here.  Also checkout our Auction Schedule.

Our "Buy It Now" Marketplace has thousands of items that you can buy right now! You can also make an offer on the books that a consignor can accept, counter, or decline. Check out "Making Offers" on how to do this!


You have three choices on our website to place an order. If you are interested in an item that has a "Buy It Now" option, you can click on "Buy It" and purchase this item for the price stated. You also have the option of making an offer on a "Buy It Now" item, which is explained in the next section "Making Offers." Or if your item is in an auction, you can make a bid for an item and pay the hammer price if you are the winning bidder.  For more information on auctions please click here. Also checkout our Auction Schedule. A Buyer's Premium will be added per lot (item) to the successful bid and varies by lot (item) only for lots designated as having a buyer’s premium. The buyer's premium is a charge in addition to the final price (i.e. the winning bid) of an auction item

By bidding on or buying an item, you create a binding and enforceable legal contract between you and ComicConnect to pay for the items under the terms and conditions of the User Agreement you agreed to when registering on this site. After winning or purchasing an item, the item will appear in your shopping cart, from which you must complete your order by clicking on your "Cart" and following the prompts for the checkout process. If you are bidding on multiple lots in one of our Monthly or Event Auctions, ComicConnect suggests waiting until the end of the Auction before checking out on your won items. This way you can have all your won items on one invoice with one shipping cost. Please be advised that ComicConnect cannot combine invoices once they are created.


Please note that all items (lots) are priced in U.S. currency, and do not include a buyer’s premium (where applicable), shipping, handling or insurance. Sales tax will be added to your invoice when required. For more information about sales tax please click here. ComicConnect accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, PayPal, checks, money orders, ACH, and wire transfers. 

ComicConnect does not accept credit cards or PayPal for orders or cumulative outstanding balances above $2,500. Please note we cannot accept checks from non-U.S. banks, as ComicConnect incurs additional expense in depositing them. Please make out checks to "ComicConnect, Corp." and note your invoice number in the memo field.

Please mail your check or money order to:
ComicConnect, Corp.
36 W 37 ST, Fl. 6
New York, NY 10018

Payment must be received within 7 days of purchase or the auction lot's close. Failure to make payment in the time specified may result in the cancellation of your order, cancellation of your member account, and your orders and bids may not be processed in the future. If your payment method fails, we reserve the right to collect fees owed using other collection mechanisms (this includes charging other payment methods on file with us, retaining collection agencies and legal counsel).

All credit cards are subjected to our merchant processor's verification system. In the event that our merchant processor is unable to verify the information you have provided with your credit card, ComicConnect may require additional steps to verify your identity. If ComicConnect is unable to verify ownership of your credit card, payment must be made by other accepted methods. If paying by credit card, please note that we cannot ship orders to an address that is not on file with your credit card company. If paying by PayPal, please note that we cannot ship to an unverified address. All fee-bearing payment types such as credit card or PayPal will incur a surcharge of 3%. Payment by cash, check, money order, ACH, or wire transfer will not incur a surcharge. This fee only applies to fee-bearing payment types such as credit cards or PayPal, and does not exceed ComicConnect’s cost of processing.


Members are allowed to place offers on items listed by Sellers. By making an offer, you are creating a contract to purchase the item if the Seller accepts. All offers expire after 48 hours. If the seller has not accepted your offer within the allotted time period, the offer becomes void. Should the seller reconsider and offer to sell the item for the price of your offer AT A LATER TIME, the decision of whether or not to complete the purchase may be made entirely at your discretion within the allotted time permitting acceptance. If the Seller wishes to extend a counter-offer, that counter-offer expires 48 hours after the time at which the seller extends it.


ComicConnect offers an interest free time payment plan of either 3 or 6 months, on select lots only. A particular lot’s eligibility and installment limit can be found within the lot’s online listing. Time payment plans are offered for individual lots only, and are not extended towards an entire order that may contain a time payment eligible lot.

Time payment installments can be paid by cash, check, money order, ACH, wire transfer, VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX and PayPal. All fee-bearing payment types such as credit card or PayPal will incur a surcharge of 3%. Funds must be RECEIVED by ComicConnect no later than the date on which the payment is due. The first 20% of your payment is a non-refundable deposit that must be paid 7 days after the item closes in auction or is purchased. Failure to pay installments in a timely manner will result in the cancellation of your order and cancellation of your member account. If your payment method fails, we reserve the right to collect fees owed using other collection methods (including charging other payment methods on file with us, retaining collection agencies and legal counsel). Please note that ComicConnect will retain the non-refundable 20% if your order is cancelled for any reason.

There are no returns on time payment orders. If you would like to view the lots in which you are interested before making a time payment agreement, you may set up an appointment to visit the gallery or request scans. To set up a time payment plan for a time payment eligible lot, please check out on your winnings and give us a call during our business hours. A customer services representative will set a plan up for you over the phone or email.

In some instances, a lot’s eligibility for time payments can be established if a deal is brokered with the lot’s consignor prior to an auction’s close. If you are serious about bidding for a particular lot and would like to request that lot’s eligibility, please email us at or call us at 888.779.7377 or 212.895.3999.


From the time ComicConnect receives your payment, please allow 3 weeks for your items to be shipped.

ComicConnect does not store Seller items on premises during the period they are listed for sale or auction. Immediately upon your agreement to purchase an item, the Seller is contacted and instructed to ship the item to ComicConnect within 7 days. ComicConnect will then review and process the item(s) you purchased, and ship your order. Your shipping and handling charges will be determined based on the weight, insured value, and shipping destination of your order. If you have any special requests or special delivery instructions, please contact us. We prefer to ship with and recommend FedEx, although USPS options are available. Orders valued over $400.00 will require an adult signature on delivery.

All duties and taxes levied on shipments are the responsibility of the buyer. ComicConnect shall not be liable for any loss caused by or resulting from seizure or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulation, or confiscation by order of any Government or public authority.

Upon shipment of your order a notification will be sent to your email on file. Any request for shipping verification, or filing a claim for an undelivered package, must be made within 30 days of shipment. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to e-mail us at, or call us Toll free at 888.779.7377 or our international number at 001.212.895.3999.


We want to make certain you're happy with your merchandise, and will make reasonable efforts to ensure items are as they were described before sending them to you. If the rare occasion arises where you feel you must return an item, you must contact us for return instructions within ten (10) days (by phone or email) of receipt of your item. Upon our receipt and inspection of the returned item, we will issue a refund or credit for your item if returned in the same condition as it was when originally sent to you, excluding shipping, handling, and insurance costs. Any payment surcharges, such as a buyer’s premium or a credit card surcharge, applied to your order during payment are non-refundable. Buyer is responsible for return shipping & insurance costs, which will not be reimbursed for any reason. Returned merchandise must be received by us within seven (7) days of the date from which you contact us regarding the return. This Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee is only extended to buyers from whom ComicConnect has received payment within the required seven (7) days specified under "How to Place an Order". Please note that we cannot accept returns on any books, including those with previously undetected restoration, after the specified return period listed here. Additionally, all "in person" sales (conventions, in office, etc.) are final. There are no returns, refunds, credits, exchanges accepted on "in person" sales. No returns will be accepted on CGC or 3rd Party Graded items, Group lots, Original Art, Memorabilia, and Video Games.

Please also note, there are no returns on Time Payment orders for any reason. If you would like to view items in which you are interested before making a Time Payment agreement, you may set up an appointment to visit the gallery or request scans.


Please note all sales of comic books and any other collectibles noted as graded by any 3rd party graded company in any type of protective casing, are final.

Although the following is very rare, due to the nature of the 3rd party holders, chipping and cracking of the holder may occasionally occur during shipping. ComicConnect takes great pains to pack comics in a careful and protective manner, and our packaging methods have been painstakingly tested with our shipping companies to ensure we meet the highest standards of safety and stability. However, as cracking and chipping on 3rd party holders is quite common, ComicConnect cannot guarantee the condition of the 3rd party holder. ComicConnect cannot accept returns or issue credits on any 3rd party graded collectible due to holder damage. Examples of 3rd party grader companies include, but are not limited to CGC, PGX, WATA, and VGA. ComicConnect does not guarantee any cross-over grading, i.e. sending a graded item by one company to another company.


We take extra precautions to pack our orders to prevent damage and breakage. If despite our efforts your order does arrive damaged, please do the following: If your order was delivered by FedEx, please contact ComicConnect for instructions. If your order was shipped by U.S. Mail, take the entire order (all contents and all original packing material) to your local Post Office to file a claim. The U.S. Post Office will send the claim to us for processing. Do not repack and do not mail the damaged items back to us. This will void the U.S. Post Office insurance and we will not be able to give you a refund.



Let's assume you have comic books original art or other pop culture collectibles such as video games, toys and pulps, that you'd like to sell. Perhaps you may have inherited them, or are selling them for a friend. The comics might be from a collection you spent years putting together. You might only have one comic you'd like to sell, or you may have hundreds. One of the most important questions you might ask yourself is "What are my options, and how can I make the most money possible from the sale of these comics?"

Option A: Sell to a Dealer

Every comic dealer proclaims "they pay the most", but in truth, there are very few that have the financial wherewithal to do so. The price they pay has to take into account the time and expense they will have in selling the books, and still be able to make a profit on top. Local comic shops and convention dealers simply do not have a large enough customer base to pay top dollar.  Only a select few do pay top prices, but how do you know which ones? After you sell your comics, will you ever know if you missed out on thousands of dollars?  

Option B: The eBay Myth

Once upon a time, you could make money on eBay. Lots of sellers were there, lots of buyers were there, and it was one big happy place.  Eventually, eBay had a monopoly. Then eBay raised its fees. Then eBay raised its fees again. And again. And again. And again. Listing Fees.  Relisting Fees. Thumbnail Picture Fees. Enlarged Picture Fees. Reserve Price Fees. Bold text Fees. Final Value Fees. Paypal Fees. Sellers who learned they could no longer make money on eBay are quickly replaced by new sellers who don't know any better. Lots of sellers and a glut of competing auctions lead to steadily falling hammer prices. Lower sales. Higher fees. Today, FeeBay is littered with "junk" that sellers need to blowout at any price they can get. The "good stuff" cannot be found on eBay, and with good reason.

Option C: Cousin Jimmy's Online Consignment Shop

The Internet has created opportunity where none existed before, and in the past few years, a handful of online consignment shops have popped up on the Internet. These one-or-two man operations are usually run by entrepreneurial individuals who didn't work in comics before, and saw opportunity in putting together a website. ComicConnect has a lot of respect for these guys, but at the same time, we wouldn't be in the business if we didn't think we could provide better service, better promotion, and higher sales for our members.

Option D: Give Control to an Auction House

An auction house has a tremendous amount of overhead, and only a few big auctions per year. The modus operandi is to amass as much material to liquidate as possible, and flood the market with thousands of competing auctions on a given weekend. The lower prices realized for each seller doesn't matter, because just like Las Vegas, the system is set-up so the house always wins. How, you might ask? The commission rate an auction house charges you, the seller, is typically 15%. However, the auction house will also charge the bidder a "buyer's premium" of 19.5%. Make no mistake about it, a bidder in an auction simply deducts the additional 19.5% from the final price they are willing to pay. The auction house is taking over a 30% cut from each and every transaction. By having their hand in the pocket of both the bidder and the seller, the auction house ensures the most profit for itself, while the consignor hemorrhages on their investment.

The ComicConnect Choice

When you choose to sell on ComicConnect, you have complete control over how you sell your comics, and at what price to sell them. Our easy-to-use online tools enable you to upload items to sell at auction, or to sell them at the fixed price you specify. You can also evaluate bids from buyers, choosing whether or not to accept, or counter-offer if you prefer. Membership is free, and ComicConnect collects only a small commission on completed transactions. ComicConnect is non-exclusive, which means items you list at a fixed price may be withdrawn without penalty. At your option, you may also retain possession of your comic books until they sell. The founding principal of ComicConnect is to offer a service to the comic book community, making it tremendously easy to buy and sell comic books with no downside, and only upside. Additionally, our customer service department is always eager to be of assistance, and offer any guidance you might need in selling your comics.

Not tech savvy? Don’t feel like doing the scanning and listing yourself? No problem! If you have comics already graded by the third-party grading services of CGC or PGX, ComicConnect will scan and list your $1 start, no reserve, auctions for you. Simply send us your slabbed comics, and we will do the rest!


Members are allowed to place offers on comics you list for sale at Fixed Prices. All offers expire after 48 hours. If you have not accepted an offer within that time period, the offer becomes void. You can reconsider and agree to sell at the specified price AT A LATER TIME, but the decision of whether or not to complete the purchase may be made entirely at the discretion of the Buyer within the allotted time permitting acceptance. If you wish to extend a counter-offer to a Buyer, that counter-offer expires 48 hours after the time at which you made it.

As a failsafe measure to curtail the wasting of a seller's time by insincere buyers, offers on Fixed Price items that are less than 25% of the seller's asking price will be automatically rejected.


Upon making an agreement to sell your item to a Buyer, you must ship your item to ComicConnect within seven (7) days. When you have shipped your item, please reply to your sold email or email your tracking number for the package along with the stock code or if you do not have that, the title, issue and grade plus your full name that matches your account information. Make certain the comics are wrapped tightly between several firm layers of flat cardboard, with plenty of extra padding and package materials surrounding it (such as newspaper or bubble-wrap). Secure the wrapped comics in a box where the contents will not jostle, and will not be damaged by dropping, puncture, or accidental indentation during transit. Be sure not to allow any shipping tape to adhere to the comics or comic book bags sandwiched between layers of cardboard. If shipping numerous books packed in a magazine box or long-box, be sure to pack the box tight so the comics cannot move around.  When using magazine boxes or long boxes, we recommend placing comic box lids on both the top and the bottom to reinforce the corners and prevent denting and breakage.


ComicConnect shall pay to you the sum of the final realized price of all your items sold, less a small commission retained from the proceeds of the sale. Each payment made to you shall be accompanied with a written accounting of the sales activity, specifying which items sold. All payments to you will be made in US Dollars.

* Please note ComicConnect will apply a $5 service charge for listings that are valued or sell for $50 or less.


Items are shipped from ComicConnect to Buyers after the Buyer has remitted full payment. A minimum of 10 days must pass after the Buyer receives their purchase before ComicConnect can issue payment to you. ComicConnect will not make such payment if the Buyer gives notice of intention to rescind the sale, or any other bona fide claim relating to the item, within the grace period of ComicConnect's Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee. Returned items can be put back up for sale or returned to you.


You may not withdraw items you've listed at Auction, unless the auction has ended and the item has not sold. You may remove Fixed Price items from the site at any time, so long as no Buyer has agreed to buy them. If you accept an offer, you are obligated to sell the item. If you issue a counter-offer, you may not remove the item from the site unless the potential Buyer does not accept the offer within 48 hours.

ComicConnect may withdraw any item at any time before or after sale if in our sole judgment (i) there is doubt as to its authenticity, (ii) there is doubt as to the accuracy to what you have represented about the item, (iii) you have breached any provision of the User Agreement or (iv) other just cause exists.


ComicConnect shall have no obligation to enforce payment by the Buyer. However, in the event of non-payment by the Buyer, we may, in our sole discretion, cancel the sale and return the item to you, or enforce payment by the Buyer.



ComicConnect attends various Comic Conventions throughout the year in the U.S. and Globally. We are usually paired up with our sister-site Metropolis Collectibles. At our booth you can speak to any of our representatives for information on consigning, buying or participating in auctions on our site. We have millions of dollars in checks waiting to be cut for advances on collections or for direct sales. Please keep in mind that to attend these Cons you will have to contact the vendors directly to buy tickets, if you are thinking of attending, we highly suggest ordering tickets ahead of time, many of these conventions can sell out quickly.

Upcoming 2024 ComicConnect Convention Schedule

  • Heroes Con (June 14-16) at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina: Booth #1268
  • Torpedo Con (July 20-21) at the Hilton L.A. North Executive Meeting Center in Glendale, California
  • San Diego Comic Con (July 25-28) at San Diego Convention Center: Booth #5516
  • Baltimore Comic Con (September 20-22) at the Baltimore Convention Center
  • New York Comic Con (October 17-20) at the Javits Center in New York City: Booths #3535 (Metro/CC) & 3537 (The Addiction)

When looking for our booth, we can be under both ComicConnect or Metropolis Collectibles. Feel free to call us ahead of time to find out where we will be located.


Picking up your order at a convention needs to be arranged ahead of time. Please email us at, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999, to arrange this. Please keep in mind that any orders that have comics that are still being held by a consignor may not be available for pickup if the order was placed close to the convention dates. We also have limited space and orders for pickup will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in picking up your order at a convention, please let us know as soon as you place your order.


Requesting to view items for sale or auction at a convention needs to be arranged ahead of time. Please email us at, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999, to arrange this. Please keep in mind that any comic that is not in our facility at the time of the con may not be available to view. 


ComicConnect would love to have a chance to view, evaluate and give you an offer for your collection in person at a con.We can answer any questions you have about auctions, selling and even appraise the collection on the spot. We can even offer you an advance on the collection if you are interested in consigning the collection for a future auction.  

Collection too big to bring to the Con? Feel free to email us, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999; send us your list and we can set up an appointment to send someone to your location, or give you instructions on how to ship the items to us for evaluation.


If you do not find the answers to the questions you have above, please feel free to send us an email at, or give us a call at 888.779.7377 or for our Intl'l customers call us at 001.212.895.3999. We are eager to help you with any question you have about Buying or Selling on ComicConnect.

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