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“Across all categories, investing in collectibles is on the rise,” explained Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect, “From video games, to comics, to sports cards and Pokemon, business is booming.” Zurzolo understands that comic books, in his opinion as an asset class, are still incredibly undervalued and he feels that genuinely rare and tough to find in high grade demand will continue to rise.

Bid Now! Auction ends week of December 14th!

Comic books highlights include: Superman #1 CGC 3.0, plus copies of Batman #1Captain America #1All Select #1Planet #1More Fun #55, a group of pre-Robin DetectivesFlash #105, and a Strange Tales #110. Plus, bidders may choose from over 600 CGC-certified comics from one of the top registry sets, from Golden to Modern Age in super high grades with comics like Fantastic Four #5 CGC 9.2Avengers #1 CGC 9.0, Hulk #181 CGC 9.8X-Men #1 CGC 8.5, Mad #1 CGC 9.4All Flash Quarterly #1 CGC 9.2 and All Winners #1 CGC 8.5.

Original art highlights include the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #162 by the team of Ross Andru and John Romita Sr. and an incredible double page splash from X-Men #105 by Dave Cockrum and Bob Layton. Also we have amazing Cover art from Gil Kane (Dr. Strange #8)Frank Miller (Detective #27)Jim lee (Superman Wizard Mag) and a gorgeous Amazing Spider-Man #313 page by Todd McFarlane.

WATA graded games likeChrono Trigger (SNES) WATA 4.5Devil May Cry (PS2) WATA 9.8Final Fantasy II (SNES) WATA 8.0, Legend of Zelda (NES) WATA 8.5Luigi’s Mansion (GC) WATA 9.2Mario Bros (2600) WATA 7.0Marvel vs Capcom 2 (XBOX) WATA 9.8Street Fighter II (SNES) WATA 9.4TMNT III Manhattan Project (NES) WATA 8.5, and TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Sega) WATA 9.8.

Investment bidders will also find Pokemon booster boxes. “This is a fresh, exciting new category for ComicConnect,” Zurzolo explained. “Pokemon collectors are passionate and I’m thrilled to offer sealed booster boxes from the earliest sets.” Bidders will also find an array of concert postersclassic pulps, and movie props featuring the Immortal Mask from 300weapons from Kingsmen: The Secret Servicea prototype cape for Ozmandias from Watchmen and many more!

Good luck with the auction. Stay safe and healthy. Keep Calm and Comic On.
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ComicConnect is currently accepting consignments for their next major auction. Contact them today to reserve space as it is on a first-come first-served basis. Call toll-free 1.888.779.7377 or e-mail their staff at support@comicconnect.com. Cash advances up to $5 million are available.

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