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“Hang on to your pocketful’s of mithril, rupees, and gold coins because this shopkeeper has got quite a deal for you,” offered Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect. “Event Auction #44 is chock-full of investment games that will not only take your collection to the next level, but they will also become treasured additions to your collection.”


Highlights of the Video Game Auction: Chrono Trigger (SNES) WATA 4.5, Devil May Cry (PS2) WATA 9.8, Final Fantasy II (SNES) WATA 8.0, Legend of Zelda (NES) WATA 8.5, Luigi’s Mansion (GC) WATA 9.2, Mario Bros (2600) WATA 7.0, Marvel vs Capcom 2 (XBOX) WATA 9.8, Street Fighter II (SNES) WATA 9.4, TMNT III Manhattan Project (NES) WATA 8.5, and TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Sega) WATA 9.8.

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With 109 lots in auction, Zurzolo said there is a video game for collectors of every means and ability, from beginner to grizzled veteran. “As a gamer, it’s really fun to see the games I grew up with become so desirable to collectors the world-over,” he explained. “Video game investing is on the ground floor and I’ve encouraged my clients to add this category to their portfolios.”


Bidding begins Monday! Auction ends week of December 14-18th!

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The auction end-dates are as follows:

The ComicConnect auction gallery is headquartered in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Contact them at (888) 779-7377 or email support@comicconnect.com for assistance with your collection.