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Event Auction #51 Preview: Massive Classic Comic Collection
Batman, First App. Spider-Man, Captain America, and More! 

Putting together a quality collection of keys is no easy task. Due to both the demand for historically important books and the scarcity of these titles, many fans focus on a few core titles or characters. As such, we are always impressed when a collector presents us with a lavish assortment of books all at once, because we recognize the hard work that went into acquiring these books.

Click here to preview the entire collection in Event Auction #51!

We recently received a beautiful collectiont of books, which will be offered in Event Auction #51, filled with major Golden Age and Silver Age keys from Marvel and DC Comics. Some of the legendary books featured in this collection are Action Comics #1, All-Star Comics #3, Captain America Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, Human Torch #1, Sub-Mariner #1, and Superman #1. These books, many of which have been restored, present incredibly well and could be the centerpiece of any collection, so seeing them all together is genuinely awe-inspiring. The previous owner of this collection truly built something special, and though we are sad to see these books separated from one another, we know that they’ll help even more collectors acquire the books of their dreams!


The deadline for Event Auction #51 is coming soon – contact Rob Reynolds (robr@comicconnect.com) or call (888) 779-7377. Consign now for an interest-free cash advance up to $5 million.

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