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TUBBY BY DOC WINNER Issue #223 Strip Art
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Grade: FN: 6.0
Publisher: United Features Syndicate
Comments: "It's an Ivory Table" by Doc Winner. Dated Feb 23, year unknown. Large 21.25" x 7.5".
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TUBBY BY DOC WINNER Issue #223 Strip Art
United Features Syndicate
FN: 6.0
From Doc Winner secured a position with the Pittsburgh Post in his early twenties, succeeding Billy DeBeck. In 1918, Winner accepted an offer from the William Randolph Hearst organization and joined its comic art staff. This was the beginning of a 38 year association with Hearst. Winner was one of the most talented of the King Features bullpen crew. He filled in on established comics such as 'Thimble Theatre', 'Barney Google' and 'The Katzenjammer Kids'. Among his own features are 'Tubby' (1920s) and 'Elmer' (1930s). Doc Winner died of cancer on August 12, 1956.
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