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HEADLINE COMICS (1943-56) Issue #63 Cover
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Grade: VF: 8.0
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Comments: Marvin Stein pencils and inks; 15" x 20"; classic 1954 crime comic action twice-up cover!
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HEADLINE COMICS (1943-56) Issue #63 Cover
VF: 8.0
Starting as a superhero/adventure title which ran from 1943-47, Headline Comics was transformed by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who began featuring the misdeeds of gangsters and murderers amongst the book's pages. True crime stories were all the rage in the late 40's and early 50's, and these wonderful examples display Marvin Stein's knack for rendering speed and depth. Stein, who joined Simon & Kirby Studio after a couple of years at National/DC in the 1940s, designed the gripping cover of Headline 63, which focuses on events that are still relevant today, such as illegal immigration and border crossing. Golden Age art is exceedingly rare and always in high demand, don't let these pieces pass you by!
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