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DAREDEVIL (1964-98) #1
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Grade: CBCS G/VG: 3.0
Publisher: Marvel
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1st app. & origin Daredevil by Everett; Kirby cover (4/64)
Marvel Japan Collection
DAREDEVIL (1964-98) #1
CBCS G/VG: 3.0
You can tell from the Spider-Man plug on the cover that Marvel had, by the time of this book's release, become known as a hero machine by pumping out high-gloss, high-energy heroes and heroines, which sold like hotcakes. In this case, the House of Ideas picked up a Biro hero name, which had been left to linger, dusted it off and added the enticing gimmick of making their Daredevil a blind lawyer, adding both modern intrigue and a great hook. It would take a while for the character to fully hit his stride, but the dynamic Kirby cover and ravishing Everett interiors attracted readers and established Daredevil as a unique and mature alternative to cosmic adventuring and teenage angst.
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