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DAREDEVIL (1964-98) Issue #72 Splash Page
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Comments: great splash by Gene Colan and Syd Shores; signed by Colan; 11" x 16.5" on art board
Marvel Japan Collection
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DAREDEVIL (1964-98) Issue #72 Splash Page
VF: 8.0
This splash page from Daredevil #72 features Tagak, the Lord of the Leopards and his faithful companion Opar, as they emerge from Matt Murdoch's mask, which dominates the background of this awesome piece of early Bronze Age comic art. Gene Colan was the artist most closely associated with Daredevil until Frank Miller's tenure in the 80s. Colan's skills are on full display on this bravura page, adhering closely to Marvel's house style but incorporating elements of Steranko's pop art influence, this splash is sure to be a popular piece amongst Man Without Fear fans.

The action is this issue concerns the theft of a valuable Rembrandt painting and Daredevil's attempts to track down the culprit. Along the way he battles Tagak, fights a leopard, and eventually teams up with the leopard whisperer to bring down the real villain of the piece, a shadowy figure named Quothar. Murdoch and Tagak both discover one another are blind, but also have the ability to see through their particular super skills. This is an issue filled with action, pathos, and the impressive skills of Gene Colan, along with inker Syd Shores. This page is signed by Gene Colan.
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