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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #4
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Grade: CGC G/VG: 3.0
Publisher: DC
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Flessel cvr/art; rare in any grade (6/37)
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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #4
CGC G/VG: 3.0
For most readers, Detective Comics equals Batman, the character who put the comic in every back pocket. Before the vigilante descended upon an unsuspecting Gotham, Detective Comics served as a home for the pulp-inspired adventures of a handful of private eyes and devious villains.

Comics that pre-date the hero craze are fascinating. The raw power and stark graphic motifs instantly transport the reader into a noirish landscape of shadow and danger. These important issues are a rare glimpse into an industry standing on the precipice of the superhero, and DC (Detective Comics) was the catalyst that sparked the flame. The introduction of Superman and Batman shortly after the publishing of these issues changed the comicbook industry from a small fish to possibly the largest facet of the entertainment world as we know it today. These remarkable and compelling covers, most by the genius Creig Flessel, are a time machine to a pulpier, grittier era, and are beloved of Golden Age comic collectors.
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