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Grade: VG/F: 5.0
Publisher: Timely
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End Time: 9:46 PM EST
Thursday 12/15/2016
Comments: cream pgs; missing 3 pgs; comes w/ printed copies of pages (NOT a xerox); Does Not Affect Sub-Mariner Story; resto includes spine reinforcement & pgs deacidified
Super Rare! 1st Appearance of the Sub-Mariner!
Overstreet Copy
VG/F: 5.0
In 1974, the estate of Lloyd Jacquet, founder of publisher Funnies Inc, was liquidated, and among other mysteries, collectors learned of a comic in his files heretofore unknown: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly 1, an odd comic with black-and-white interiors and a mishmash of stories. One of the tales in the book, startlingly, was the origin of Sub-Mariner from Marvel Comics 1, shorter and in black and white, but unmistakably the real deal. Dated to 1939 but with no month listed, this book appears to contain the first appearance of Timely's first superhero. While only released as a test book in limited markets and barely distributed, this issue is a vital link between the early days of strip reprints and the adventure-centric issues soon to swamp newsstands. Painfully few copies have survived of this important comic, out of a print run that was extremely small to begin with, making this a true scarcity.

This copy comes directly from the files of Bob Overstreet who created the price guide still in use as the industry bible, and is the first we've offered in twenty years. Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly is an insanely rare, extremely important piece of Marvel history that any devout collector will treasure.

Overstreet Guide 2016 VG/F (5.0) value = $12,500.

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