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Event AuctionACTION COMICS-1938 #7
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Grade: CGC FA: 1.0
Publisher: DC
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Thursday 12/7/2017
Comments: off white pgs; pc out 5th pg, affects story, cvr dtchd, Jerry Siegel written 1st pg, incomplete
2nd Superman cover!; rare in any grade
Jerry Siegel Collection
CGC FA: 1.0
Although Superman proved to be a smash hit from day one, DC didn't have any Man of Steel covers lined up for the character until six months after his debut, relegating him to interiors while wrapping the issues in the illustrative, punchy, pulp-style covers that had graced both New Adventure and More Fun up to that point. Action #7 boasts the second-ever appearance of Superman on a comic book cover. Joe Shuster's perfectly understated style sets the mood for the character's early appearances, his bold strength and boisterous energy perfectly match the simplified lines and stark, evocative landscape that work in perfect unity with Jerry Siegel's punchy dialogue and rapid-fire plotting, these elements all come together to give the series an unmatched kinetic energy.

This copy comes from the collection of Mr. Siegel, making the winning bidder the recipient of this personal memento of his famed creation. Mostly celebrated as the Man of Steel's second cover appearance, this issue was also the very first time the name "Superman" had ever appeared on the cover of a comic book. In late 1938, DC editors handed out copies of Action #7 to their staff in the hopes that it would inspire the creation of another superhero, which resulted in the Batman just a few months later. /Jerry Siegel heard about that and reportedly felt insulted that others had been instructed to copy his work. When Siegel and Shuster sued DC comics, hoping in vain to regain control of Superman, Siegel compared the story and images in Action #7 with other DC publications and decided key elements from the issue were improperly borrowed for the creation of other heroes. The image missing from pg. 5 (Superman lifting an elephant) was clipped by Siegel himself to illustrate that point in the lawsuit. Early Actions survive in incredibly low numbers -- any chance at a copy of one of these historic issues must be undertaken.

Overstreet Guide 2017 GD (2.0) value = $35,000.

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