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Event AuctionACTION COMICS-1938 #15
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Grade: CBCS G: 2.0
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 3/20/2018
Comments: ow/white pgs; binding string through spine, 2 pcs tp cvr & 2 pcs int cvr, 1 long pc of taper tp int cvr
Fred Guardineer submarine battle cvr
CBCS G: 2.0
Early Superman Action covers are scarce -- very scarce. They're also very popular with Golden Age collectors, which means the copies that do make it to market are snapped up almost instantly. This dynamic cover is a great example as to why Superman was so big then, and why GA Supes are so popular now, as the Man of Steel performs the impossible in a realistic-yet-fantastic setting, and brings truth and justice to the downtrodden in his own inimitable fashion. The fifth-ever Superman cover, and a beaut.