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Grade: CGC G/VG: 3.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Tuesday 1/30/2018
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Ditko cvr/art; 2nd Molten Man (4/66)
CGC G/VG: 3.0
On this late-period Ditko Spidey issue, we have the extra special treat of Jack Kirby inking Ditko's cover pencils, resulting in a dynamic image, indeed. It's pretty well known that by this point in the run, Ditko and Lee were barely speaking, and pages for this series would often arrive at Lee's offices fully finished, with nary a plot point used from Lee's outline, only spaces on the page left for Lee to slap in some dialogue. It's interesting that these later books, despite the non-collaboration Ditko was insisting on, somehow seem the most stable, well-rounded, and overall solid of the early original run, perhaps speaking to the artistic sympatico that neither man was willing to admit to or utilize. Perhaps by this point, each knew the other's tricks so well that words may have been unnecessary anyway. At any rate, all that turmoil somehow resulted in solid entertainment that lasts to this day.