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Event AuctionAVENGERS Issue #3 Interior Page
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Monday 12/4/2017
Comments: Pg. 9; Jack Kirby pencils, Paul Reinman inks; image size 12.5" x 18.5"
AVENGERS Issue #3 Interior Page
VF: 8.0
One of the joys of big-time hero team-up comics is getting the chance to see heroes throw down with each other with reckless abandon -- and no one did reckless abandon half as well as Jack "King" Kirby, whose explosive style and breathless pacing set the tone for Silver Age Marvel and beyond. With the brutish strength of the Hulk pitted against the tactical skill and perserverance of Iron Man, Kirby has his hands full, and delivers a socko fight page that is one of the all-time classic superpowered punch-ups. It's a gutsy move for Kirby to frame his opening panels as though glimpsed from behind or around cover, as both heroes are seen from behind and fully in motion, giving the reader a sense of the motion and desperation that such a titanic clash would provide. Not one to tease his audience too much, however, the master also gives us two fantastic portrait panels of the green goliath and Tony Stark, with an especially exciting bottom page-wide panel that was copied and swiped relentlessly over the years to come (even by the man himself). All in all, a glorious page from the great one's peak period, a tempting treasure for any serious collector of the House of Ideas.
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