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Event AuctionAMAZING FANTASY #15
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Grade: CGC G: 2.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Monday 6/11/2018
Comments: off white pgs; 1 pc tp int cvr
Kirby cvr; Ditko art; origin & 1st app. Spider-Man; 1st Uncle Ben & Aunt May (8/62)
Second City Collection
CGC G: 2.0
This is the Silver Age equivalent of Action Comics #1: a historic, game-changing key issue that acts as a pivot point from what came before, and what came after. The creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, this radical new concept featured a passive, neurotic, everyman hero; an unusually emotionally charged origin story touching on issues of mortality and family tragedy; a worldview grounded solidly in a real, recognizable universe obviously our own; and open-ended storytelling that rewarded close attention and regular readership. This milestone has also proven to be the success story of comics investment, growing rapidly and unstoppably in value and becoming one of the few completely bulletproof investments in recent times.

AF #15 holds a special place as one of the most common Silver Age keys but also one of the most valuable, a phenomenon rarely heard of in collecting. Aside from the wear at the top, the rest of the cover is really quite fetching, maintaining bright colors and great eye appeal, making this a pretty spiffy GD copy.

From the estate of a private collector.

Overstreet Guide 2017 GD (2.0) value = $7,000.