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Event AuctionACTION COMICS (1938-2011) #17
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Grade: CGC G-: 1.8
Publisher: DC
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Monday 6/10/2019
Comments: off white pgs
classic Shuster Superman tank cover (10/39)
ACTION COMICS (1938-2011) #17
CGC G-: 1.8
Action Comics #17 predates America's entry into WWII by over a year, but while the war raged on overseas, the US comic industry could not stay silent about the conflict. This cover shows Superman battling a nondescript enemy, using his super-strength to stop a tank dead in its tracks, and shrugging off a machine gun attack at the same time. These early Action issues certainly let readers know where Siegel and Shuster stood regarding the atrocities going on in Europe and Asia, and their iconic Kyrptonian hero would soon start turning his powers on the very real threats of the Axis powers.
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