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Event AuctionALL STAR COMICS (1940-78) #8
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Grade: CGC FN-: 5.5
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 8/29/2018
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origin and 1st app. Wonder Woman; one of the scarcest major Golden Age keys!
ALL STAR COMICS (1940-78) #8
CGC FN-: 5.5
DC's Big Three were blessed with auspicious beginnings. All Star Comics #8 did for Wonder Woman what Action #1 and Detective #27 did for Superman and Batman. America's Guardian Angel was an instant hit who served as a graphic representation of the women's war effort during WWII, predating Rosie the Riveter by two years. The daughter of Hippolyta rescued fighter pilot Steve Trevor, whose pursuit of a Nazi spy ended with his crash landing on Paradise Island. Men were forbidden on the island, but in divining his past, Hippolyta recognized that he was a hero worthy of sacrifice. The Amazons chose to aid the war effort to defeat the vile Nazis with the lovely Diana ultimately chosen for the assignment. The upside potential of this issue cannot be stressed enough. Wonder Woman's overdue solo film received critical acclamations and birthed a whole new generation of fans and feminists alike, the much anticipated sequel is scheduled for 2020.

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t's important to note that the Wonder Woman story in this issue was not the main feature, relegated to the back pages in favor of the Starman/Dr. Mid-Nite potboiler "Two New Members Win Their Spurs." But, as has happened in the history of comics, some characters have an undeniable magnetism and force their way into the public consciousness from deep in the recesses of anthology books. The same phenomenon has occurred over and over again, but never with the immediate effect and lasting influence of Wonder Woman.

Overstreet Guide 2017 FN- (5.5) value = $41,250.

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