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Event AuctionWALKING DEAD PRODUCTION ART JOHN WATKISS: RICK Issue #19 Preliminary Sketch
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Tuesday 12/11/2018
Comments: John Watkiss pencils, inks, and charcoal; Large 16.5" x 11.5"
VF: 8.0
While the now iconic television series has enthralled millions, its origins began in illustration. While comic books can be quite cinematic in structure, adapting them to the screen still proves problematic for many films and tv series. For instance, certain elements that worked great for the comic, might read differently to a television audience. This collection of production art is a rare opportunity to own official Walking Dead artwork from the talented John Watkiss, featuring alternative concepts of previously known characters and scenes from the comics and new ones made only for the TV show.

John Watkiss (1961-2017) was a British artist, known for his painting and his work in comics and film production. His career led him from cover artist for graphic novels to storyboard artist and character designer. The artist has collaborated with numerous high profile studios on projects including Tarzan, Atlantis, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Sherlock Holmes. Watkiss' work has been featured in the British National Portrait Gallery and The Ford Motor Company Museum.
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