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Grade: CGC VG/F: 5.0
Publisher: Timely
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Thursday 12/13/2018
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classic Schomburg Human Torch/Sub-Mariner WWII swastika/bondage cover (whew)
CGC VG/F: 5.0
Marvel Mystery Comics was Timely's most iconic anthology book of the Golden Age, often featuring a classic Schomburg cover starring the Human Torch, Toro, and/or the Namor, Sub-Mariner, and issue #22 is no exception. The cover is typical of Schomburg, intense action in the foreground and all sorts of chaotic mayhem in the background, this image, showing Allied troops floundering around in the sea is reminiscent of the film Dunkirk, with the additonal thrill of a superhero melee. Toss in a back-pages Kirby yarn featuring the GA Vision versus Khor, the Black Sorceror, and you have another classic comic from the wartime hero explosion.

This VG/F copy of Marvel Mystery #22 is in admirable condition, any discoloration or wear is relegated to the edges, and the color palette is strong, revealing subtleties that have been lost on lower grade copies. Any comic with a Schomburg cover has an inherent value, and is always desireable to fans of Golden Age comics, especially his early covers.