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Grade: VF: 8.0
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Monday 3/11/2019
Comments: Pg. 46; Russ Manning pencils, inks and signed; image size 11.25" x 16.25; Tarzan, Korak, Jane and jungle beasts leave the mysterious island
VF: 8.0
Russ Manning is an artist who spent much of his career illustrating adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan novels, along with scriptwriter Gaylord Du Bois, the duo reimagined 10 of the author's first 11 Tarzan novels for Gold Key's 60s Tarzan series, which were later published as graphic novels by Dark Horse in the 1990s. Manning was beloved by fans and peers alike for his clear, clean and deceptively simple style, and a knack for concise storytelling that flows seamlessly from panel to panel. Manning was also responsible for creating cult favorite Magnus, Robot Fighter, and later in his career, a series of Star Wars newspaper strips based on the original trilogy of films.

ComicConnect is incredibly proud to present a great selection of original Manning pages from his years of intensive and passionate work on Tarzan's tales of jungle adventure. These particular pages come from ERN, Inc.'s Tarzan comics, published in the 1970s. The pages from "Tarzan and the Beast Master" are a glowing testament to Manning's exceptional abilities -- his ease with narrative flow, and his assured illustrative skills are on full display.

It is safe to say that such an impressive collection of Russ Manning pages, from such rare source material is unlikely to surface again for a long time, so fans of Tarzan, Burroughs, and Manning should take notice, and make sure not to let these rarities pass you by.

The last page from "Tarzan and the Beast Master" is a beautiful splash, featuring Tarzan gliding through the trees in the center of the frame. Surrounding the Lord of the Jungle are Jane and Korak riding a majestic elephant, groups of loyal ape companions, a regal lion, as well as several of his defeated enemies being led away to face their punishment. This page displays the absolute control Manning exercises over his pen, as an additional bonus, this page is signed by the master artist.
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