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Event AuctionBATMAN (1940-2011) #121
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Grade: CGC VF-: 7.5
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 12/12/2018
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1st app. Mr. Freeze (Mr. Zero)
BATMAN (1940-2011) #121
CGC VF-: 7.5
Batman #121 bears the distinction of containing the first appearance of Mr. Zero, aka Mr. Freeze. The name change was made thanks to the campy Batman TV series that took the world by storm in the 1960s, and the character would re-appear, with his new moniker, in Detective Comics #373. He would go on to become one of the Bat's most-popular villains, appearing in cartoons, films, and even video games to spin his tragic tale of love on ice.

This book has an exceptionally bright cover, the colors are vibrant, this is a sturdy and solid copy. The subtle hues in the snow and ice are clean and clear, truly an impressive example of this important first appearance that looms large in the Batman mythology.

Overstreet Guide 2018 VF- (7.5) value = $2,690.