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Event AuctionTRUE AVIATION PICTURE-STORIES Comic Book Bound Volume, 12 items
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: PMI
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Friday 3/15/2019
Comments: Bound volume: True Aviation Comics Digest #1, 2; True Aviaton Picture Stories #3-12 - solicitation copy
TRUE AVIATION PICTURE-STORIES Comic Book Bound Volume, 12 items
VF: 8.0
During WWII the American comic book industry led the charge against the enemies of democracy around the world, the patriotic themes of their output helped inspire a reticent population to beat the drum against fascism overseas. "True" war stories comics had a successful run during the conflict, and later gave rise to the war genre which would go on to become one of the most-popular subjects of the 50s through to the 70s. True Aviation Comics Digest, later named True Aviation Picture Stories was one of the popular titles of the period, and this bound volume features a run of issues #1-12 including the impressive dogfight cover of #7, the eye-catching nighttime design on issue #9, and the classic color photo cover on issue #12.