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Event AuctionWHAM COMICS (1940) #1
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Grade: CGC VF: 8.0
Publisher: Centaur
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Friday 3/15/2019
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SCARCE; Speed Centaur, Speed Saunders begin
Windy City Copy
WHAM COMICS (1940) #1
CGC VF: 8.0
Wham Comics was a short-lived anthology book of the sort that flooded spinner racks in the early days of Golden Age, showcasing superhero, western, adventure, and sci-fi stories, this comic had a little something for everyone. The featured cover illustration by Eddie Robbins shows Zeus battling a group of thugs, taken from "Craig Carter and his Magic Ring," this story involves a disillusioned archaeologist who decides to fight crime, and with his magic ring he can summon a variety of ancient gods, combining Green Lantern's powers with Captain Marvel's mythology. The bizarre and entertaining Speed Centaur also makes an appearance in this issue, much to the delight of the offbeat tastes of fans of Centaur's more unusual superheroes.

Preserved in remarkable VF condition, this Windy City pedigree copy is nothing to sneeze at, shockingly glowing colors adorn the action-packed cover, the spine is tight and the book is solid. Another incredibly scarce comic book in this auction full of incredible finds.