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Grade: CGC FN+: 6.5
Publisher: Centaur
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Tuesday 3/12/2019
Comments: off white pgs; Sl(C-1) spn splt sld cvr, tr sl cvr, cvr reinf
1st Dr. Mystic by Siegel/Shuster (1st Superman prototype) very rare!! (May 1936)
CGC FN+: 6.5
You can't really get much closer to the moment when comic books climbed out of the primordial ooze of newspaper strip art than this book. Basically serving as a textbook on how to compile an anthology comic book, the Comics Magazine #1 is a treat to behold. Every turn of the page offers an interesting window on the sensibilities of the American mind in 1936. Covering every genre, with color pages as well as black and white, this book is more a historical record than a simple comic book. The inclusion of Siegel and Shuster's Dr. Mystic is the real prize here, hinting at the monumental cultural impact of the medium that was awaiting just a few years down the road. This is definitely a piece of comics' rich history that any serious collector should have in their library.

The colors on this newsprint cover retain their verve, the simplistic yet charming illustration depicting the great American pastime is clean, clear, and solid. The restoration on this copy is strictly relegated to the spine, preserving the integrity of this valuable piece of memorabilia. An extremely rare and important contribution to the art form, which has survived the past eighty three years, awaits some lucky and determined bidder.