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Grade: CGC FN: 6.0
Publisher: Centaur
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Friday 3/15/2019
Comments: ow/white pgs; tied for second highest 1 of 2!
1st issue; classic Gustavson flag cover featuring Amazing Man, Shark, Iron Skull (5/41)
CGC FN: 6.0
Much like Timely had the All-Winners Squad and DC had All Star Comics, so too did Centaur Comics want to cash in on the hero anthology books that were sweeping the nation. Stars and Stripes Comics was the title that the publisher put out on the market in hopes of capturing the burgeoning comic buying public's eyes and dimes. Featuring such homegrown talent as Amazing Man, Minimidget, Iron Skull, the Shark, and MIghty Man, Centaur jumped into the superhero genre with both feet. Employing patriotic marketing tactics was never a bad idea during the heady days leading up to America's involvement in WWII, and the Paul Gustavson illustration on the cover of Stars and Stripes #2 didn't welch on the red, white, and blue.

This 6.0 FN copy of Stars and Stripes #2 is tied for second highest on the census, Centaurs are not only difficult to find copies of anywhere, but tracking them down them in well-preserved condition is a separate hurdle altogether. This copy presents a strong color palette, and a central image that has avoided the ravages of time. Taking the patriotic motif into account, this is a very special Centaur indeed.