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Grade: CGC G+: 2.5
Publisher: Centaur
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Monday 3/11/2019
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Bill Everett "hand/submarine" cover; RARE, Rarer than #5 in fact (10/39)
CGC G+: 2.5
The surrealistic design of this cover has left an impression on the minds of Golden Age fans, as it is one of those rare books that not everyone knows about, but leaves an indelible mark once seen. Possibly an influence on Alex Schomburg's equally disorienting wartime covers, the manipulation of size to create a sense of power and terror is the reason this book haunts the memories of comic fans as one of the earliest examples of the growing power of the art form, and the endless possibilities hinted at therein.

An incredibly rare book, Amazing-Man #6 is not only hard to find, particularly in good condition, but it is also extremely sought-after due to the iconic cover artwork. This restored copy is noticeably careworn but the power of that memorable cover still stands out in strong red tones. Incredibly hard to find in any grade, this book is sure to be a target for those savvy fans out there who have a real knowledge of the Golden Age, and the special treasures hidden away in those glorious halcyon days.