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Grade: CGC FA/GD: 1.5
Publisher: Centaur
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Monday 3/11/2019
Comments: crm/ow pgs; Sl(C-1) cvr re-attchd w/glue, spn of cvr completely split and re-attchd w/tp
1st Nazi war cover on a comic! Everett cvr/art
CGC FA/GD: 1.5
Regarding the long-standing tradition in comic books known as Nazi punching, Amazing-Man Comics #9 may very well be the first example of this proud American pastime, before Cap cracked Hitler, John Aman got his fists dirty on this historical cover. Comics have been addressing all sorts of social and political issues for decades now, but at no time was the message more clear, and more direct than during the grisly days of WWII, the free world was hanging by a thread and, thanks to the brave folks in the comic book industry, Americans saw the threat in simple primary colors, laid out there as plain as day. This Bill Everett illustration was the start of something big, which had an impact on the hearts and minds of readers of these simple funny books, and maybe made a difference when it mattered.

The yellows, blues, and reds on this classic cover remain strong, making this restored copy impressive for its grade. When you combine the rarity, value and historical importance of this issue, there is no need to hesitate, fans of wartime comics will be lining up to bid on this patriotic time capsule.