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Grade: CGC VG-: 3.5
Publisher: Centaur
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Monday 3/11/2019
Comments: ow/white pgs
Everett cvr/art; 1st app. Amazing-Man, Cat-Man, Iron Skull
CGC VG-: 3.5
Due to the often-confusing numbering systems employed in the Golden Age due to the constant retitling of comic books, Amazing-Man Comics #5 is actually the first issue of the title's run. The cover features a rather memorable Bill Everett cover piece, which shows John Aman, chained and shackled, underwater, using the only defensive weapon he has left, his teeth, as he bites into the neck of what seems to be a deadly cobra. Mixing equal parts Superman with Harry Houdini was a stroke of brilliance, as the magician/escape artist was the real-life superhero of the pre-comic's era, the person every red-blooded American boy wanted to emulate, before the Kryptonian hero came on the scene. Ushering in one of Centaur's most popular creations, this comic is considered an important entry into Golden Age hero mythology. One that serious collectors of GA books, or the rabid Centaur fans out there will be marking off on their wish list to be sure.

This 3.5 copy is in respectable condition, the colors are still striking, and the only real areas bearing any damage are the spine, and back cover. Considering the rarity and niche interest in this book, there is guaranteed to be strong competition over this copy at auction. A true cult classic!