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Event AuctionFUNNY PAGES Volume 4 #1
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Grade: CGC FN-: 5.5
Publisher: Centaur
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Wednesday 3/13/2019
Comments: ow/white pgs
classic Arrow cover! 1st Mad Ming + 1st app The Owl. rare (1/40)
FUNNY PAGES Volume 4 #1
CGC FN-: 5.5
Comic books changed with such speed and force in the Golden Age that it's a wonder readers could keep up from month to month. Funny Pages operated under the most basic and descriptive of series titles, as the early comics were little more than elaborate versions of the traditional newspaper "funny pages," often reprints of popular strips and swipes of established pulp characters, the covers of these comics show the wild and varied genres and stories that the early medium embraced.

Presenting a strong color palette brimming with yellows, reds, and verdant greens, this copy of Funny Pages V4 #1 presents at higher than its grade, the book is sturdy if mildly exhibiting its age. All in all a handsome copy of another fun-filled Golden Age favorite, featuring the Arrow, one of the prototype heroes that would have a lasting influence on the industry.