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Event AuctionCAPTAIN MARVEL JR. (1942-53) Comic Book Bound Volume, 11 items
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Grade: VF-: 7.5 to VF/NM: 9.0
Publisher: Fawcett
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Tuesday 3/12/2019
Comments: beautiful bound volume of issues #15-25, with several classic Raboy covers
CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. (1942-53) Comic Book Bound Volume, 11 items
VF-: 7.5 to VF/NM: 9.0
Captain Marvel Jr. aka Freddy Freeman made his first appearance in Whiz Comics #25, where he was saved by the original Captain Marvel and given the same powers as his senior counterpart. The character differentiated himself from his progenitor by remaining a teenager after transforming into his heroic persona, as well as being illustrated by artist Mac Raboy in a more realistic manner than Captain Marvel was rendered by C.C. Beck. Fighting crime during and beyond the wartime era, Captain Marvel Jr. was awarded his own book in 1942, which would run until 1953. This bound volume is comprised of issues #15-25, featuring the sci-fi themed cover on issue #17, issue #19's pre-Strangelove bomb-riding image, the war stamp design of issue #21, and the patriotic American flag-raising cover of #25.