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Event AuctionVAULT OF HORROR (1950-55) Comic Book Bound Volume, 14 items
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Grade: VF-: 7.5 to VF+: 8.5
Publisher: EC
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Friday 3/15/2019
Comments: Beautifully bound volume of Vault of Horror #'s 12-25, these copies have NOT been trimmed, Russ Cochran embossed on cvr
VAULT OF HORROR (1950-55) Comic Book Bound Volume, 14 items
VF-: 7.5 to VF+: 8.5
EC Comics are recognized around the industry as THE final word in horror comics, their disturbing covers and subject matter led to controversy and scandal in the SOTI era, eventually causing the company to radically change its business model and helping the Comics Code Authority come into being. This bound volume comes from the personal archives of Russ Cochran, the man responsible for reprinting EC's pre-code classics, which includes issues #12-25 of Vault of Horror, one of the publishers three horror titles. Some of the memorable issues in this run include the premature burial cover of issue #15, issue #16's wonderfully designed light-and-shadow coffin cover, the horror/cheesecake combo on issue #19, and the creepy seance theme of issue #25, these are just a few offerings from this great collection of horror comics. These issues have not been trimmed.