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Event AuctionWEIRD FANTASY (1950-53) Comic Book Bound Volume, 11 items
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Grade: VF-: 7.5 to VF+: 8.5
Publisher: EC
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Friday 3/15/2019
Comments: Beautifully bound volume of Weird Fantasy #'s 13 (1)-11, these copies have NOT been trimmed, Russ Cochran embossed on cvr
WEIRD FANTASY (1950-53) Comic Book Bound Volume, 11 items
VF-: 7.5 to VF+: 8.5
The titles Weird Fantasy and Weird Science were companion comics released by EC in the pre-code era that specialized in dark subject matter in their dedicated genres. Weird Fantasy issues #1-11 have been compiled in this bound volume and the collection features many memorable and iconic covers including the stunning Al Feldstein cover on issue #14 (#2), the terrifying space abandonment cover of issue #16 (#5), the racy cheesecake cover of issue #7, and the subliminally suggestive cover of issue #10. This bound volume comes from the personal archives of Russ Cochran, the man responsible for reprinting EC's pre-code classics. These issues have not been trimmed.