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Event AuctionGREEN LANTERN (1960-86) #7
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Grade: CGC NM: 9.4
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 3/13/2019
Comments: white pgs
origin and 1st app. Sinestro
Winnipeg Copy
GREEN LANTERN (1960-86) #7
CGC NM: 9.4
Although he is not featured on the cover of this issue, Green Lantern #7 contains the first appearance of Hal Jordan's nemesis, Sinestro. Granted similar powers to the Lantern, the character was conceived as a red-skinned being from the planet Korugar, who acquired powers which he then used to enslave his people, thereby becoming basically the opposite of the Green Lantern, and going on to enjoy a long career in villainy that lasts into the modern day. The cover story concerns Sinestro's kidnapping of an entire town and transporting them to Qward in an attempt to defeat Hal Jordan, who thwarts Sinestro and the Weaponers of Qward with a simple manipulation of a clock. This comic is a favorite of Green Lantern fans as it launched one of the most popular characters in the franchise and helped flesh out the ever-expanding universe of the GL mythos.

This Winnepeg pedigree copy of Green Lantern #7 is in pristine condition, with the exception of a signature above the logo, there is little in the way of imperfections on this cover. The colors pop off the page and the solid spine and white pages only add to the overall appeal of this admirable copy of an important milestone in the popular Silver Age series.