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Event AuctionAVENGERS, THE (1963-96; 2004) Issue #200 Interior Page
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Monday 6/10/2019
Comments: Pg. 24; George Perez breakdowns, Dan Green inks & finished art; image size 15" x 10"
AVENGERS, THE (1963-96; 2004) Issue #200 Interior Page
VF: 8.0
Page 24 of Avengers #200 shows Iron Man battling a T-Rex while a biplane flies about in the background, while one may think this scenario is something out of the "Night at the Museum" franchise, issue #200 of the Avengers actually has some wide-ranging implications and controversial content. In the issue Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel has an "immaculate" birth of a boy that gestates for only three days and becomes full grown in a very short time, as this mysterious offspring matures, he toils away at creating a device that is meant to control a flux in the space/time continuum that was caused by his birth. It is soon revealed that the boy is Marcus, the child of Immortus, (aka Kang the Conqueror aka Rama-Tut, rumored to be the next big MCU supervillain) whose presence causes the Avengers to have to battle a bunch of confused foes who appear through time portals; knights, warriors, snakes, and even dinosaurs, hence this thrilling page rendered with great skill by George Perez and Dan Green.

Taken on its own this individual page is a exceptional slice of Avenger action, with Beast, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Iron Man featured in the panels, but when placed into context of the Marvel Universe, a page from this issue may loom large in the MCU before long, so now would be a great time to sneak in there under the radar and grab this piece of Avenger history.
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