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Event AuctionBATMAN (1940-2011) #13
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Grade: FA+: 1.25
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 6/11/2019
Comments: cvr dtchd; spn of cvr completely splt; cfo
Joker app.; WWII paratrooper cover; Jerry Siegel & Joe DiMaggio cameos
BATMAN (1940-2011) #13
FA+: 1.25
This book's cover illustration, by co-creator Bob Kane, bears a classic WWII image of the Dynamic Duo parachuting into action, no doubt to do their patriotic duty for the boys overseas. The interior of the book contains three thrilling tales: "The Batman Plays a Lone Hand", in which Batman, surprisingly, fires Robin in order to go solo; "Comedy of Tears", a Joker story which includes "real world" cameos by Joe DiMaggio and Superman creator Jerry Seigel; and "The Story of the Seventeen Stones", which pits the Bat against Rocky Grimes, who does indeed employ seventeen forms of stone in the executions of his crimes.
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