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Grade: CGC NM-: 9.2
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 6/11/2019
Comments: ow/white pgs; QES Certified - Criteria met: Preferred staple placement + deep color strike (red)
Kane cvr/art
CGC NM-: 9.2
DC's success with reintroducing Golden Age characters in the pages of Showcase and giving the heroes a makeover for the Silver Age proved to be such a smash that the practice is generally recognized as the stroke of genius that saved the comic industry from falling apart. The rebirth of the Flash and Green Lantern proved to be so popular that the publisher would continue the hot streak by bringing back the Atom, the diminutive hero that was a bit of a hit back in the golden days.

In Atom #1 Ray Palmer takes on the Plant Master, who uses mutated, intelligent plants in a plot to take over the world. After being imprisoned in a Venus flytrap, Atom teams up with the leader of a group of Dryads that have been enslaved by Plant Master to take down the floral fiend.

The cover on this copy is nearly flawless, one can almost feel the smooth texture of the glass the Plant Master stares through as the Atom struggles for his life. The warm brown of the fly trap perfectly compliments the reds and blues of Palmer's costume, and the deep purple background ties the image together. With the Atom appearing in DC's TV Arrrowverse, can a DCEU appearance be far behind? Best to get in on the ground floor with this issue before it starts its inevitable upwards trajectory.