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Grade: CBCS F/VF: 7.0
Publisher: Timely
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Tuesday 6/11/2019
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classic "Remember Pearl Harbor" Japanese WWII cover
CBCS F/VF: 7.0
Pearl Harbor was an event that altered the course of human history, it was the first time Americans had been attacked on their home soil, and it led to the US finally jumping into WWII and helping defeat the Axis powers that were attempting to take over the world. It was commonplace in propaganda of the time to demonize adversaries with caricatures that would be deemed deeply racist and offensive in the politically correct environment of the modern day, but such tropes were de rigueur during the trying times of the war. This cover by Al Avison continues the tradition of Captain America bashing his country's enemies in the face, and the addition of fangs to his Japanese opponent was sure to dehumanize the enemy and make it easier for people to accept the casualties that were piling up in the Pacific theater. The addition of the "Remember Pearl Harbor" logo on this cover makes this a special collectible both for its relative scarcity and its patriotic fervor.

Presenting bright yellows and deep blues and greens, this cover has enormous eye appeal, the colors are still vibrant all these years later, the comic is in admirable condition, with only a small amount of wear around the edges. Caps from this time period are hard to find and even more difficult to acquire in decent shape. This is an important issue in the run and will be a popular item at auction.

Overstreet Guide 2018 F/VF (7.0) value = $5,010.