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Event AuctionDETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #137
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Grade: CGC FA: 1.0
Publisher: DC
Start Time:
12:00 PM EST
Tuesday 11/12/2019
End Time: 12:00 PM EST
Friday 12/13/2019
Comments: off white pgs; tape on cvr, int cvr, & int.
Joker cvr/story
DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #137
CGC FA: 1.0
Golden Age Joker Covers are among the most sought-after Detective Comics of the period. The Clown Prince of Crime's terrifying rictus is an image that is recognized around the world as that of the preeminent villain in the history of comics. The Jim Mooney/Charles Paris cover design on this VF copy of Detective #137 is a triumph of graphic economy, encapsulating the Batman story inside the book in a few simple strokes, the message is clear, the Dynamic Duo plus the Joker equals dynamite!
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