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Event AuctionBATMAN (1940-2011) #3
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Grade: CGC FA/GD: 1.5
Publisher: DC
Start Time:
12:00 PM EDT
Monday 8/19/2019
End Time: 9:32 PM EDT
Monday 9/9/2019
Comments: off white pgs; (Q) 2 cntr wraps & pg 32 married; tp on int
Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson cvr/art; 3rd app of Catwoman (1st in costume)
BATMAN (1940-2011) #3
CGC FA/GD: 1.5
Early Batman comics are notoriously difficult to procure and issue #3 has one of the best covers of the first ten issues of the run. This one looks like it may have been the basis for the animated intro of the iconic Adam West TV series. You can almost hear the theme song as you look at it! It just so happens to contain the first appearance of Catwoman in full costume and the first appearance of the Puppet Master as well.