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Event AuctionPHANTOM LADY (1947-49) #17
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Grade: CGC NM: 9.4
Publisher: Fox
Start Time:
12:00 PM EDT
Monday 8/19/2019
End Time: 7:05 PM EDT
Thursday 9/12/2019
the Ultimate Good Girl Comic! classic cvr used in SOTI; Matt Baker cvr/art
Highest Graded
PHANTOM LADY (1947-49) #17
CGC NM: 9.4
A part of the Eisner & Iger Studio characters supplied to Quality Comics, the Phantom Lady was created by Arthur Peddy to be a female counterpart to pulpy crime fighters like the Shadow and the Sandman, a street-smart do-gooder aiming at crooks, crime bosses, and thugs. Initially clad in an alluring yet somewhat chaste yellow swimsuit and green cape, and with little characterization other than just being a crime-busting dame, the strip didn't really take off til it moved to Fox, where studio artist Matt Baker, together with staff writer Ruth Roche, gave the heroine not only more spunk and attitude, but an astoundingly risque outfit that played directly to Baker's strengths as the best Good Girl and cheesecake artist of the Golden Age of Comics. The low print runs of the book, along with the high number of copies destroyed by irate parents and hidden away by panic-stricken adolescents, have led to Baker's immortal PL covers becoming the most in-demand cape covers of the late Golden Age. This may well be his best-known and most-collected cover, for reasons that hardly bear pointing out to any fan of pin-up art. Baker, whose work was sadly unsung during his brief life and career, has become among the most acclaimed and revered of mid-century American illustrators, and his work grows in stature with each passing year, and his notable position as being among the precious few African-American artists regularly working in WWII-era comics lends gravitas to his extraordinary body of work. This may be the most coveted Good Girl art cover ever produced.

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