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Event AuctionJOURNEY INTO FEAR Issue #3 Interior Page
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Superior
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Monday 9/9/2019
Comments: Pg. 31; unknown artist; image size 12.25" x 18.25"
"The Gypsy's Curse"
Phantom Lady Collection
JOURNEY INTO FEAR Issue #3 Interior Page
VF: 8.0
Somewhere at the crossroads between Romance and Horror sits this disturbing tale of love and loss, "The Gypsy's Curse" is a post-war shockfest of the kind that ruled the roost after the fervor for superhero comics died down. The story concerns ne'er-do-well Greg Peters and the curse he is placed under, that any woman he loves will die, as payment for his playing with the emotions of a gypsy woman. This final page shows the cad getting his comeuppance. Although the artist who created this piece is unidentified, it goes without saying that the page is created by a talented hand from the Iger studio, who was paying close attention the the style of Matt Baker. Regardless, this piece is still a wonderful collectible from a bygone era.
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