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Monthly AuctionDETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #359
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Grade: NM+: 9.6
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 10/15/2019
Comments: white pgs, Toys R Us REPRINT from 1997 signed by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson!
Infantino cvr/art; origin & 1st app. of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #359
NM+: 9.6
Inspired by the Silver Age Bat-Girl, who was devised as a sidekick for Bat-Woman during the family-friendly days of the 1950s, the producers of the 1960s Batman TV series tasked DC editor Julius Schwartz with the creation of a new character to boost the show's sagging ratings with female audiences. Schwartz, in collaboration with Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino, responded with a new, improved Batgirl, this time tying her in more closely with Batman by casting her as Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara. While the TV show didn't last much longer, the comic character was an instant success with readers, becoming a vital and integral part of the DC Universe over the next half-century.
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