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Event AuctionGREEN LANTERN (1941-49) #38
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Grade: CGC VG/F: 5.0
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 12/11/2019
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Alex Toth cvr/art, Hasen art; Streak the Wonder Dog cvr, last issue!
GREEN LANTERN (1941-49) #38
CGC VG/F: 5.0
As is evident on this cover, which features Streak the Wonder Dog prominently, the Green Lantern is not the star of his own book any more, so it is no wonder that this is the final issue of the Golden Age GL run. The wonderful Toth cover art notwithstanding, by the late 40s the superhero comic had taken a massive downturn in popularity and would soon be tossed aside for genre books. But fear not dear reader, by the dawn of the Silver Age the Lantern would be reborn, rebooted, and rekindled for the Atomic Age. Making this an important issue for committed GL fans.