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Event AuctionBATMAN (1940-2011) #1
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Grade: CGC No Grade: 0.3
Publisher: DC
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Monday 12/9/2019
Comments: 2nd pg only; crm/ow pg; Joker splash
one of the most iconic covers of the Golden Age! 1st app. Joker - new Joker movie may win Oscar for Best Picture (future price jump); 1st app. Catwoman (Spring 1940)
BATMAN (1940-2011) #1
CGC No Grade: 0.3
Bob Kane and Batman co-creator, Bill Finger, wiped the grime off Gotham and added a bright, youthful cohort to the Batman mythos. One of the most famous comics of the Golden Age, featuring one of the most iconic covers, Batman #1 is the perfect cornerstone for any new GA collector; an accessible comic that only increases in value and popularity year after year.

Batman #1 is consistently among the top-ten most-desirable comics in the world, always demanding impressive prices and always a super-hot item in our auctions. As knowledgeable collectors are aware, top-tier keys are becoming more and more difficult to find on the market, as owners know well enough to hold on to these trophies and lock them away for years or sometimes generations.

As many comic book fans would surely agree, Batman is far and away the single-most-popular character in the history of the medium. There's easily been over a hundred titles devoted to the Caped Crusader, more than Superman and Spider-Man combined. The iterations of the hero are endless; dark and brooding spirit of vengeance; bright and colorful campy cheeseball; grizzled old veteran in a dystopian future; Holmesian crime-solving brainiac, the list goes on and on. Starring in several serials, animated series, TV shows, movies, video games, novelizations, record albums, soundtracks, Batman is everywhere! Along with the Boy Wonder, the Dynamic Duo is universally recognized in the shared global human consciousness...and this issue, Batman #1, is a milestone key. Although the antihero made his solo appearance in the pages of Detective Comics, this book represents a fresh start for the man in gray and blue, one which broadened his appeal to a younger audience due to the addition of Robin.