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Event AuctionGREEN LANTERN (1960-86) #1
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Grade: CGC G+: 2.5
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 12/11/2019
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origin retold, 1st app. Guardians of the Universe
GREEN LANTERN (1960-86) #1
CGC G+: 2.5
After the runaway success of the Flash's reintroduction, DC Publisher Julius Schwartz and his hungry staff of writers and artists hurriedly resuscitated more of their beloved Golden Age favorites. One of the indisputable successes was the reboot of the mystical Green Lantern franchise, featuring a new look by industry favorite Gil Kane. DC was placing all its bets on the new, Atomic-Age breed of heroes, expecting that they would break the company's long dry spell on the stands. Boomer readers were instantly transfixed by the cleverly boyish cover image. In the Silver Age iteration of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan receives his power ring from dying alien Abin Sur, resulting in an audience with the Guardians of the Universe, who deem him worthy to take the place of their fallen charge. Jordan soon heads off to Calor to battle a volcanic monster, thus launching the revamped version of the Green Lantern on his star-bound service in defense of the cosmos.