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CGC G/VG: 3.0
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SOLD ON:  Thursday, 06/08/2023 8:02 PM
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PUBLISHER: Universal Phoenix Publications
COMMENTS: ow/white pages
classic Matt Baker shark cover/art
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ow/white pages
classic Matt Baker shark cover/art
Matt Baker was a groundbreaking comic book artist, best remembered for his remarkable contributions to the medium during the Golden Age. As an African-American artist, he faced numerous challenges but managed to establish a unique style characterized by fluid linework and sensuous figures. His notable works include Phantom Lady and Canteen Kate, where he showcased his exceptional talent and knack for storytelling. Baker's artistic legacy continues to inspire and influence contemporary comic book artists, making him an important figure in the industry's history. His work on the cover of Seven Seas Comics #3 attests to his enormous talent, this classic underwater illustration is one of the great pieces of the era that elevates the comic art form beyond all expectations.

While this copy of Seven Seas Comics #3 is missing a piece of its cover, it retains its strong colors and the rest of the book is solid. Given the rarity of this issue (only 41 copies are listed on the CGC census) and the fervor for Matt Baker’s books, this is a guaranteed sleeper lot in our Event Auction. Golden Age investors have helped drive interest in the great artists of the era, not only Baker, but L.B. Cole, Lou Fine, and Alex Schomburg have become collectible categories unto themselves, and this iconic cover is certainly one of the more memorable of the bunch.

Overstreet Guide 2022 GD/VG (3.0) value = $1,298.